Pregnancy Trimester Timeline: What You Need Per Trimester

In this pregnancy trimester timeline, discover what you can expect and everything you need during every trimester of pregnancy.

Amazing changes will happen to your body as you nurture your baby from within. This is truly a beautiful experience. But it can also come with many pleasant and unpleasant surprises.

That is why preparation is vital. In this article, we are diving into every pregnancy phase. Along with this, we will discuss items that you would need to stay as comfortable as possible. 

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First Trimester
Second Trimester
Third Trimester

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Pregnancy Trimester Timeline Must-Haves

1st Trimester, Weeks 1 to 13


What to expect:

The first sign of pregnancy is missing your period. During this stage, you may experience minor changes in your body. This may be confused with PMS, so you must observe yourself carefully.

Some of the things that you will feel would be extreme fatigue, tender breasts, nausea, mood swings, and more.

Aside from this, you may also feel changes in your excretions, such as frequent urination and constipation. You may also experience weight loss or gain.

These will indicate that you need to make adjustments to your lifestyle. This may include improving your sleeping schedule and eating a better diet.

But the most important thing is to start planning out your regular doctor appointment so that a professional can assist you with your pregnancy journey.

What you need:

These changes in your body will manifest significantly in your skin. That’s why you should start with improving your choice of skincare products. In addition, it would be beneficial for you to start looking at unique formulations for pregnant women. Luckily, we have some suggestions for you.

First trimester must-have: Stretch mark cream

2nd Trimester, Weeks 14 to 28

what to expect second trimester

What to expect:

The start of the second trimester may make you feel as if things are getting better. This is because you are getting used to your pregnant body. During this time, you may feel your nausea more bearable, and the fatigue may also lessen.

Your body will continue to expand. Because of this, you may finally see your beautiful baby bump grow. The baby will make significant growth and by the end of this trimester, you may already feel them start moving.

However, you are not entirely out of the dark regarding discomfort. For example, you may experience pain in your back, abdomen, groin, or thigh.

Stretch marks and discolorations may also appear. Along with that comes the hair from the belly button to your pubic area. You may also experience itching and bloating.

What you need:


  • Maternity leggings The most important thing you will own during this trimester is a pair of leggings. As your baby grows, so will you. That is why stretchable and comfortable clothing will come in handy. When looking for leggings, consider those with special waistbands that can support your stomach. This can help prevent back and pelvic pains. (Also Read: Best Maternity Leggings: How To Pick The Perfect Pair)
  • Massage oilIf you’re feeling stressed, there’s nothing like a massage to help you calm down and feel relaxed. According to experts, prenatal massage is generally safe after the first trimester, so feel free to grab a pregnancy-safe massage oil that you can use at home to ease any discomfort. (Also Read: Prenatal Massage: A DIY Guide To Release Stress During Pregnancy)

3rd Trimester, Weeks 29 to Birth


What to expect:

Here comes your last chapter in pregnancy. Any discomfort that you have experienced in the second trimester may persist. On top of that, new ones may also come.

The baby will continue to grow and start pressing on your internal organs. This may cause you to find it difficult to breathe and urinate more often. Aside from this, you may also find it harder to sleep and move around.

You may also experience swelling on your face, ankles, and other body parts. 

Since your baby is preparing to be on its way out, your belly button will start protruding. You will also feel your baby drop or move to the lower part of your abdomen.

At this stage, you may also get contractions. But you have to be careful as these may be false signs of going to labor.

What you need:

Although this stage is incredibly uncomfortable for mamas like you, it’s the best time to start thinking about what your baby will need. Here are some of the things that you should be on the lookout for:

  • Baby Pillow – When your baby comes, they will spend most of their time lying down. That is why it is essential to invest in pillows that are made explicitly for them. Aside from comfort and safety, the right baby pillow can also prevent flat head syndrome – a deformity some babies get since their heads are still soft and they are always on their backs. (Also Read: What Is Flat Head Syndrome in Babies?)
  • Diaper Cream – Your baby’s sensitive skin may get irritated from diapers. This may cause discomfort in your baby, leading to hours of fussiness and crying. When looking for a diaper rash cream, it is best to look for one that can also deal with other skin issues like milk or heat rashes. (Also Read: How To Prevent Diaper Rash)
  • Mosquito Repellant – Mosquito bites don’t only cause irritating rashes on a baby’s skin. Aside from itching, they can also cause severe diseases like dengue and malaria. To prevent these, applying a trusted mosquito repellant daily will save you. However, be sure you get one formulated for babies, as the regular ones may be too strong for their skin. (Also Read: The Best Baby Lotion for Mosquitoes in Singapore)



What to expect:

Here comes the most rewarding and challenging part. After giving birth, you would need to deal with taking care of your baby while your body goes through changes again. All the discomfort you experienced during pregnancy should go away one by one during this stage.

Slowly, you may feel that you can function as you used to before pregnancy. But take it easy on yourself.

What you need:

  • Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner –  As your hormones stabilize, you may see your hair fall off more than usual. This is called postpartum hair loss. While it’s considered normal and harmless, this may affect the confidence and self-esteem of a new mama. The good news is that there are treatment shampoos and conditioners to address this. (Also Read: How To Prevent Postpartum Hair Loss)
  • Postpartum Corset – While it is commonly used to help mamas restore their figure after pregnancy,  there are other benefits to wearing a corset postpartum. This includes reducing back pain and encouraging blood flow. In finding a suitable corset, look for something that comes in different sizes to find one that is best suited to you. (Also Read: Postpartum Corset: Benefits, Safety & What To Look For)
  • Nipple Cream – If you’re a breastfeeding mama, you would need nipple cream. This will help you deal with sore and cracked nipples, the painful side-effect of breastfeeding babies. It will also be better to go for food-grade formulations, so you no longer need to rinse the cream before latching. (Also Read: Why We Created Our Natural Intensive Nipple Cream)
  • Breast Milk Booster – As you breastfeed your little one, you may need the help of breast milk boosters to keep your breast milk supply healthy. Take your pick of boosters, including capsules, cookies, food, powdered milk, and more. It would be great to choose a breast milk booster with an added benefit, like being enriched with DHA to boost your baby’s brain development. (Also Read: Why You Must Try Mama’s Choice Almond Powder Breast Milk Booster)

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