8 Best Nipple Cream Uses That No One Talks About

There’s more to the best nipple cream in Singapore than meets the eye. Discover the ingenious nipple cream uses you need to know today!

Nipple cream is every nursing mama’s BFF. It has helped many mamas get through their sore and irritated nipples phase. Although it’s specially formulated to ease irritation and discomfort in the nipples during breastfeeding, did you know that nipple creams (like our very own Mama’s Choice Intensive Nipple Cream) are one of the most versatile self-care products out there? 


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Here are some of the best nipple cream uses that have nothing to do with the nipples, which may surprise you. After all, versatility has found its way even to our self-care products. Who knows? Maybe the many uses of nipple cream can help you eliminate some unnecessary products on your beauty stand.


8 Best Nipple Cream Uses No One Talks About

Lip Balm

nipple cream uses - lip balm

At this point, you may already have a go-to lip balm. Since nipple cream usually contains safe moisturizing ingredients, it is an excellent alternative for soothing and rejuvenating the lips. However, you must ensure that your nipple cream is food-grade since you will apply it close to your mouth. 

Shaving Cuts


No matter how careful you try to be, it’s almost impossible not to get a cut whenever you and your razor go for a spin. So who would think you can use a nipple cream to help those pesky nicks heal? But it’s true. According to a study, coconut oil (generally found on nipple creams) can help cut heal faster.

Heel Moisturizer


Lanolin is a popular ingredient for nipple creams. This secretion from the sheep’s skin glands is highly effective in soothing dry skin, as stated by Web MD. Because of this, nipple creams can also be used to help smoothen hard and cracked heels. 

New Tattoo


We all know that the key to tattoo aftercare is keeping the skin clean and moisturized. So guess which ingredient Healthline recommends that you look for? Lanolin, again! Nipple creams have lanolin and are carefully made to be safe on the most sensitive parts of the skin. That being said, it can also work as an excellent hydrator for newly tattooed areas of your body. 

Rough Cuticles


Our hands and feet can get pretty busy with work and house chores. With that, our cuticles also take a beating from all the tasks we accomplish every day. Dabble a little bit of nipple cream into your cuticles and let it sit overnight to achieve that soft and smooth feeling you deserve.

Minor Burns


Now and then, we get a little burned through hot pans, straightening iron, clothes steamer, and more. A dab of nipple cream can be very soothing to the irritated areas from the burn. But of course, skip the home remedy for more severe burns and go straight to the doctor.



use nipple cream on sunburn

Aside from the usual household burns, nipple creams can also be used to soothe different sunburnt areas in your skin. Tocopherol (Vitamin E) is naturally found in our bodies and is commonly found in nipple creams. Studies show that this heals and moisturizes the skin, a great solution to sunburnt areas.


Insect Bites

insect bite

Shea butter is an ingredient found in many nipple creams. According to a study, shea butter effectively soothes certain insect bites because of its skin-protecting and anti-inflammatory properties. This means that applying nipple creams with shea butter may alleviate inflammation and pain on bitten areas of your skin.


The All-In-One Nipple Cream For Mamas

Mama’s Choice Intensive Nipple Cream is one of the top-rated creams by mothers all over the internet (Also Read: Why We Created Our Intensive Nipple Cream).

What sets it apart from the others is how all the ingredients are carefully selected to create a unique product as nipple cream and great for other uses.

Nipple Cream Uses

All the unique ingredients mentioned above are active components of our nipple cream. So, you can count on this to make your life much easier during your breastfeeding journey.

With the many uses of Mama’s Choice Intensive Nipple Cream that you can apply to your family’s everyday life, it’s a must-have for every mama! 

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